For more info and the latest news about the game please check out The Courage Slidedb page here.  Coming soon to iOS and Android.

An Interview With Whiplash Digital

Find out about the making of The Attuned and news on Whiplash Digital's next game, Courage.  Read it here.

Courage Teaser

Courage Update #1 - Plot and Gameplay Details

The story:  

One night, Tracey’s mother went into the basement and never came back. Now Tracey must find the courage to go down there and save her. The deeper she descends, she finds that a dark, insidious world sprawling with demonic creatures has consumed her creepy basement. Tracey must fight deeper into the abyss, where enormous, hulking monsters lurk.

Courage” features:

-Satisfying one touch gameplay. Touch and drag to burn enemies with her flashlight.

-Huge boss fights! Ordinary basement things become enormous Kaiju beasts.

-Fiercely striking graphics. A creepy pop-up book come to life.

-Addictive gameplay from the creators of “The Attuned.”

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Coming soon ..... a test of COURAGE.

Whiplash Digital is excited to announce that development of its next game, Courage, is underway.   Here's a sneak preview:

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The ATTUNED v1.2 Available Now!

Check out The Attuned's first big update.  Available now on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

The ATTUNED is a top 10 Game on SlideDB

Head on over to The Attuned SlideDB page for more information on the game and how it was created. See some early concept art and what inspired the game's look and feel.

Click here to check it out.

The Attuned is available now on iOS and Android for free.

The ATTUNED Available Now:

The ATTUNED is now available for Android on the Google Play Store and it's free!  Go here to download. Enjoy!

Coming soon:


This Halloween, prepare to contact the dead.

In Attuned, join hands with Alvin, your spiritualist, for the most frightening night of your life. Your reflexes will be put to the test as you try to summon enough psychic energy to make contact with the other side. How long can you hang at our table?