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The Attuned

Contact the dead...or become it!

Join hands and prepare to make contact with the other side. Channel the undead with your host, Alvin, master spiritualist. Your reflexes will be put to one hell of a test. How long can you last at our table?

Trace powerful spells called glyphs to maintain contact with the dead. Miss a glyph, and your guests will start dropping like flies. It's hard to keep a connection with fewer guests at the table, and glyphs will become unstable, and more difficult to control. How long will it take before the spirits consume you? Available on the App Store and Android marketplace.

 Game Features:

  • Gorgeous hand drawn animation.
  • Fast paced reflex gaming.
  • Simple to learn, hard to put down.
  • Rich, gothic atmosphere.
  • Cool comical characters.
  • Rewards for playing.



Attuned Credits:

Created by

Whiplash Digital

Developed by

Melior Games

Music & Sound

This mobile game uses many sounds from freesound,
for the full list see here: http://www.freesound.org/people/whiplashdigital01/bookmarks/

Logo by 

Dan Contois

Special Thanks To


I would like to thank my wife Kristin for putting up with me when I think I'm being creative. Mom and dad, thanks for always believing in me. Special thanks to Kevin Smith for a lifetime of inspiration. 


I would like to thank Kristina, Julia, mom and dad for all their support.